Workshop #1 - Science in the Media

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By the end of the day, participants will:















Learning outcome 1 - Be able to see the difference between scientists portrayed in popular media and those in the actual workforce

  • Scientists are shown as awkward and introverted in popular television shows and movies
  • Scientists comprise of a diverse demographic group

  • The actual day to day duties and characteristics of scientists 


Learning outcome 2 - Be able to compare their own perceptions of scientific subjects to those of scientists and peers

  • Science isn’t one-dimensional (it applies to a variety of topics)
  • Everyone can succeed in a STEM profession with practice

  • Exposure to various subject areas within the umbrella of science


Learning outcome 3 - Understand the direct relevance and applicability of science in their everyday lives

  • Science is just as communal as it is agentic

  • Shocking scientific news stories in current media

  • Fascinating scientific articles highlighting current uses of science