Illuminate STEM Launches!

Do Mondays ever feel like bouts of impending doom? Don't worry, you're not alone.

Now, lluminate STEM is proud to inform you that those days are finally over.

The Gateway to STEM

Every Monday, you can visit illuminate.stem to uncover the stories of groundbreaking women in STEM and get updated on the latest current events courtesy of STEM fields. From the raging California wildfires to the state of COVID-19 vaccinations worldwide - we are here to keep you informed.

Illuminate STEM is a youth-run web-based platform. Our website was created to be the all-encompassing resource that we never had. Know students interested in STEM? Simply point them here. From a meticulously built career guide to a compilation of diverse STEM opportunities, Illuminate STEM will help you become a change-maker here and now.

Content for you to Thrive

Want to get inspired? Listen to the Illuminating STEM Stories Podcast on Spotify. Here, we feature incredible female professionals from a microbiologist who has worked in Antartica to a world-renowned astrophysicist at NASA. They will share their unique journeys as well as ideas on how to make STEM more accessible for all.

Finally, we have a surprise for all you middle school students out there. Illuminate STEM is soon opening registration for our fall workshops! The first one will be called "Science in the Media," and will be supervised by Dr. Shannon Stephens of Albany Medical College. Check back in the coming weeks for more information and tell your friends to join you!

Until next time, keep on that STEM journey.

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